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            The widespread use of personal computers has changed the way things are in the present day. Personal computers, laptops and Smartphones are increasingly becoming part of the mainstream in conducting various personal, relational and business functions. Use of these technologies has automated many menial tasks of business. For example tasks like filing, payroll, accounting and record keeping among others. The widespread use of the technology is one of the reasons leading to increased digital crimes. The second reason contributing to the increased digital crimes is the rise of radical groups of terror like the ISIS and al-Qaida groups among others. These terror groups are recruiting young educated people with technology and IT knowledge to spy government records among other intelligent information for their advantage.

          The common types of cybercrime include telecommunication service theft, investment and sales fraud, hacking, cyber stalking, theft, identity theft, child abuse and soliciting, and malicious software. These types of cyber crimes are because of the high rate of investment return with low risks. Thus, criminals take advantage of such a situation like the easy access to data and information. When criminals have access to this information, they can harvest the return, and it is almost impossible to trace them.

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             The three types of digital crime are hacking, identity/ information theft and malicious software/ viruses. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has the responsibility of keeping the pace of the ever emerging crimes and threats affecting the United States. FBI is a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC), which leads to cyber investigations. It also gains support from the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) in investigating incidents and threats that compromise the security of network and computer. These agencies implement policies on cyber crimes and passing laws to deter the crimes. The agencies should take an international approach by involving other governments in tracking down cyber criminals. The citizens also need to be educated on how cybercrime occurs and report any suspicious activity they come across that may jeopardize national security on the Internet and computers.

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