Dirty Projectors: Lamp Lit Prose review – lovedrunk swoons from hip-pop heroes

This polar opposite of Dave Longstreth’s previous break-up howl, this album is impossible to resist If you’re one of those people who reflexively hates anything hip, Dirty Projectors will profoundly aggravate you. If the Brooklyn-formed group were juice, it would be cold-pressed; if they were an apartment, it would be a converted warehouse full of rare cacti; and if their rather torrid saga became a movie, it would be directed by Noah Baumbach. They have the – potentially annoying – hyper-literacy of the economically comfortable middle-class hipster, both lyrically and in their diverse influences (African pop, classical minimalism, R&B, punk). They also have a propensity for moments of bow-legged wackiness; a restive Dr Seuss energy makes them scurry about from one thing to the next, often within the same song, which you might need to acquire a taste for. Related: Sign up for the Sleeve Notes email: music news, bold reviews and unexpected extras Continue reading...

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