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            Psychologically, suppression of emotions is an aspect of regulation of the emotions. Suppression of emotions concept is based on a person’s emotion knowledge among which include specific knowledge about the causes of that specific emotion, about the physical sensations and expressive behavior, and the likely means through which emotions are suppressed. According to research emotions suppression leads to shutting down of the communication within a certain relationship in which the person is (Beblo & Driessen, 2012). Research has shown that when emotions are suppressed this is what happens:

  1. It is very difficult to do – Suppressing emotions does not work. It means that one should work very hard to be able to shut down emotion once it starts running. In the process of suppressing the emotions, people become more agitated and tense. This can be shown to be true in relationships when what has triggered the emotion, the other person, and remains there giving the other one signals that get them fired up.
  2. Emotions do not remain under the skin. When people try shutting down feelings, they people they are relating to becoming even tenser.

            Trying to suppress an emotion (anger, fear, etc.) is a symptom of depression or could lead to depression. People who undergo immense pressure to hide their feelings are similar to an appliance whose cord has been cut. Such people have no connection to an outlet through which they can let their emotions get seen. It means that they are not in a position of receiving energy and using this energy to accomplish a task successfully. Men are likely to be depressed more than women, but women have more depressive symptoms than men. However, suppression of emotions led to depression more in men than in women (Beblo & Driessen, 2012).


Beblo, T., & Driessen, M. (2012). Increased suppression of negative and positive emotions in        major depression. Journal of             affective disorders141(2), 474-479.

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