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Does capability alone determines whether a culture conquers others or is conquered itself.

Here's an interesting take on history for discussion:

"The Secret behind World History Is Capability

In many ways, Columbus Day, which recently passed, has become emblematic not just of the accusation that Columbus was a racist who inaugurated a genocidal campaign against the natives, but a reminder that virtually all Europeans preceding the great era of woke were horrible people.

The problem with this entrenched view is that it ignores one simple fact: Europeans did not defeat and uproot American Indians, enslave Africans, and colonize the rest because they lived according to some sort of unprecedented bellicose creed specific to whites and alien to nonwhites. Quite the contrary: they did so because they - as opposed to Natives, blacks, etc. - were able to do so. Capability is the fundamental difference.

Consider: Had pre-Colombian American Indians developed galleys for transoceanic travel, or advanced firearms, or compasses, or organized military structures and stratagems; and had they arrived on the shores of, say, "Dark Age" Europe - what would they have done? Would they have conquered and subjugated, or would they have looked at the inferior pale savages and "respected" them in the name of "diversity," leaving them unmolested?

What if sub-Saharan blacks were technologically or militarily more advanced than their northern neighbors in Europe during the premodern era, and therefore could easily have subjugated and enslaved them? Would they have done so, or would they have left them in peace in the name of "multiculturalism"?

These are the hypotheticals that no one seems interested in exploring, since the answer to these "what ifs" is as clear as day. After all, the argument cannot be made that nonwhites did not reach such a militarily or technologically advanced state because they were a peaceful and unambitious people. In their own limited way - ways that were limited to bows, arrows, and spears - both Natives and blacks constantly warred on, killed, raped, plundered, and sold their fellow Natives and blacks into slavery." 10/20/21

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