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Donald Trump has battled to block my film’s release for years. Now he has failed | Anthony Baxter

My exposé of the impact of Trump’s golf courses in Scotland has been suppressed with legal threats … until now Here in Britain we like to think our journalism is free from control by those with power and money. Sadly that’s not always the case. I have spent years trying to release a film about Donald Trump and have witnessed the corrosive power his money has over freedom of expression – both in the UK and the US. In 2016, when the Mail Online reported on a “92-year-old Scotswoman taking on Trump”, readers were appalled to learn Molly Forbes had to collect water from a nearby stream in a bucket because, she claims, Trump’s construction workers had cut off her supply. The article was accompanied by a disturbing picture of an exhausted Molly, taken from my new documentary You’ve Been Trumped Too, which was due to be released ahead of the US election. But shortly after its publication, the article vanished, along with another like it in the Sun. Continue reading...

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