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‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to trauma dump’: Caitlin Rose on leaving her dark days behind

For nine years, the Nashville singer-songwriter felt desperately ‘stuck’. Now she’s back with a glorious new album – and, she says, it’s a hopeful gesture towards the future A while back, singer-songwriter Caitlin Rose made the decision to move to west Nashville, some distance from the hipper neighbourhoods of the city’s east, where for many years she had run happily amok, drinking at Dino’s, playing at Grimey’s and, before she broke through in music, working at the diner Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. The relocation brought her an outsider’s perspective on the city that has been her home since she was seven. “It’s not the worst thing, honestly,” she says, sitting in the shade of her back porch on a warm autumn afternoon. “I like it over here. There’s four restaurants, and one bar, and my family.” Continue reading...

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