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Eid Greetings Cards – What is missing?

Hello there, I'm Lau! I'm a designer for a commercial Greetings Card company and want to gain some insight and knowledge so I can bring more inclusively into our high street. I'm not very well up on other religious backgrounds (I'm embarrassed to admit) but I'm so very interested in learning something new and would love to hear from people who feel there is something missing within greetings cards that I can take in and bring to the table. We have only recently brought in cards for Eid and Ramadan which I want to work on more and any basic information would be amazing! What is missing? Is there anything you would love to see on a card to give or to receive from a loved one/friend? Are there certain sayings you would like to see? Are there any icons/animals/symbols you'd like on a card or even still.. is there something to completely avoid as I don't want this to do the opposite and offend anyone. I'm open to learn and hear what people would love to buy and see to diversify our cards :) Any help would mean a lot to me. Thank you!

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