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Eight recommendations for extending the life of the cutting blade

We are in the midst of building a resource-saving society. The concept of green consumption fits the laws of natural development and is closely related to the destiny of mankind. As a producer who occupies a large amount of production materials, accepting the concept of saving and consciously applying it to production practice will make a useful contribution to the whole society, and at the same time save production costs and bring economic benefits for itself. This is a win-win move.
For the processing and cutting industry, especially those who choose more expensive cutting chips in the cutting sheet supermarket, such as in the process of using the aluminum flat cutting disc, can strictly use the following eight points, which will effectively extend the cutting piece. The service life saves resources for the society and saves costs and profits for the enterprise.

  1. Prevent high temperature during storage, and prohibit oblique protection and vertical placement. The stack height should not exceed 10 pieces. After the grinding discs have been stored for more than 6 months, they should be re-examined for strength before being used. Do not use them for more than 12 months.
  2. When installing the grinding wheel, the surface of the disc that requires contact with the grinding wheel should be clean and flat. When tightening, use manual reinforcement. It is forbidden to use long wrench or tap wrench. The tightness is required. It is too loose or too tight or the contact surface between the grinding wheel and the disc is not After the flattening will damage the grinding wheel, it should be idle for 1-2 minutes. (Formally used after passing).
  3. The speed of the grinding wheel should not exceed the specified working line speed. When using the pneumatic grinding machine, especially when using the same air source for multiple machines, it is necessary to control the air pressure to prevent the air pressure from being too large, resulting in exceeding the maximum use speed and causing the grinding wheel. Burst and wounded. (Grinding machines, grinding machines, and cutting machines are all required to wear protective covers).
    4, the grinder spindle should meet the technical requirements, if the shaft clearance is too large, it will cause the grinding wheel to vibrate, resulting in bursting, if the shaft clearance is too large, causing the left and right swing, resulting in burst.
    5, the motor belt should be loose and moderate, and the cutting ability of the British air clip will be weakened.
  4. The motor wire connection should be correct, otherwise it will cause insufficient power and weak cutting ability.
  5. The motor speed should be below 2900 rpm, and high-speed use under various reasons is strictly prohibited.
    8, when working, you must slowly enter the knife, it is strictly prohibited to use too much force, resulting in card edge. It is strictly forbidden to polish the workpiece with the end face of the flat cutting disc on sale. The workpiece must be tightened during work and loosening is strictly prohibited.

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