EMIoT | The new approach to Smart Buildings

To achieve complete building infrastructure and operation transparency, traditional physical devices and systems are embedded with EMIoT technology to enable communication and interactivity over the internet to deliver real-time data to building owners and operators. EMIoT technology digitalises your building to predict maintenance, execute energy saving methods and promote building wellness through transparent building data.

What is EMIoT?

Emergency Lighting Internet of Things

Emergency lighting is installed uniformly within buildings to ensure complete lighting coverage in the event of an emergency. EMIoT embeds emergency lighting with EMIoT modules to develop a scalable and stable network that leverages pre-existing infrastructure to reduce costs.
No Cabling. No Drilling. No Holes.

Smart Building Benefits

Smart Building Technology allows the monitoring of infrastructure to reduce energy costs, optimise maintenance and operations, boost employee productivity and create new value streams powered with fast data-driven decision making utilising real-time analytics. This technology promotes better transparency between building owners and operators by removing the 'unknowns' shrouding the maintenance, operation and utility costs of building operations.

Smart Building Capabilities

  • Security Sensors - Monitor movements around the premises, around the clock
  • Key Tracking - Historic and live tracking of individual keys
  • Ancillaries - Monitor the status of car park ventilation and pumping systems
  • HVAC - Monitor the status heating/cooling usage and settings
  • Interactive - Interact with individuals via personal devices
  • Energy Usage - Monitor energy usages, outages and identify trouble-spots
  • Water Usage - Gauge flows, check for leaks and consumption
  • Endless Possibilities - We are committed to developing new devices and technology for a better tomorrow.

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