There is a traditional argument on abortion that argues that the killing of a human life is wrong, and a fetus is considered human life thus it means the killing of a fetus is wrong. The simple question that tries to answer the more important question in abortions is the aspect of human life in abortions terms. In philosophy turns to rationality to identify when human life begins, Science turns to the various senses and the society relies on intuition and the intuition in the society differs from society to another.

The argument is implicative, and the structure is not all right as it starts with a declarative sentence, add an interrogative sentence as well as an imperative sentence. It further provides an argument it gives the various premise but fails to give premise indicators and conclusion indicators the argument. The first premise is true on moral intuition view as well as in religious view; the second premise is subjective in regards to whether or not a fetus is a human life as various fields differ in determining when human life begins (Amgoud & Prade, 2004)

#Second Summary

Kantian explains why we do indeed have a moral obligation towards non-autonomous beings by using arguments in a series of statements that persuade someone of something or even present reasons for accepting a conclusion. The Kantian framework can extend morality rules far enough to cover all the non-autonomous individuals and groups by enhancing communication skills where you are able to capture the mind of the audience and persuading them to accept your views. It is essential to know the factors that affect the listener and identify whether the uses of the information have the same view (Rawls, 1980).


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