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Exploring MQTT, Kafka, alternatives for edge sensors and IoT

<*** class="md">Hi Folks,
Are there people in this community who have properly evaluated Kafka alternatives like RedPanda or others, and/or MQTT alternatives who are willing to share their experience?

I am working on a project involving a handful of clients with edge devices and sensors in different verticals.

The broad use case is building data pipelines and analytics software for asset monitoring and management and predictive maintenance.

Baseline standards are using MQTT, Kafka, Python and TypeScript code to build the solution.

But we are facing some hard challenges with the available capacity of edge devices, some issues with the stability of the network, and the edge cloud integration. As we explore alternatives to our stack, we are looking for insights from practitioners who have experienced challenges with MQTT and Kafka on IoT projects and learn from what they have already explored.

Please let me know if anyone has this type of experience and is willing to help.

Thank You.

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