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Facts about Africa

African culture facts are the elements that make up the African society. The different African country has their uniqueness and style. We are a people of shared identity.

If I ask you, what do you think is synonymous with all African countries? Is it the culture, traditions, people, or tribes? Regarding your race, can you say for a fact that your views are accurate?

For the past months, I have been writing about cultural facts in various African countries. Africa is a land of diversified beauty and splendour. However, we see very little of its magnificent heritage, culture and traditions.

With the uniqueness embedded in every African society, it will be difficult to group all as one entity. We will try our best to give you cultural facts that cut across African lands.

In Africa, there are diverse ethnic groups in various countries. Food is a special ceremony in all countries. Each tribe has a unique blend and style. We do not limit the style to local forms, but also a blend of African dish plus European cuisines.

While some food is to satisfy the body, we prepare others for medicinal purpose. For example, we usually prepare Banga soup for special guest, while pepper soup is a healthy soup for a lady who just gave birth.

Traditional dance and music are also vital aspects of African traditions. All African countries have endless forms and patterns of dance to fit the society. We have Bata dance from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and we can classify it under Nigeria's traditional dance

These dances are part of the forms which make up African culture.

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