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‘Fame makes you paranoid’: Michael Cera on Barbie, ***** fans – and not owning a smartphone

In 2007, the success of Superbad and Juno made Cera a celebrity, and it was such a shock that he almost gave up acting altogether. But he found a way back. He discusses fatherhood, loneliness and the joy of Greta Gerwig

Some sympathy, please, for Allan, created in 1964 as a best friend to Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, but discontinued the following year because he was so underwhelming. The new and much-anticipated Barbie film resurrects Allan, along with Midge, the girlfriend who later became his wife. Allan made a couple of comebacks over the decades, but in the real-life history of the Barbie doll – 58m of which are still sold each year – he remains a minor character. “Somewhat of a marginalised figure,” says Michael Cera, who plays him in the film. “It turned out people didn’t need to go deeper into Ken’s world.”

An Allan doll, which the actor bought on eBay, sat in the hair and makeup room, as inspiration and “a sort of mascot, until after shooting, when I took him home”, says Cera. “I definitely wanted to have my own Allan.” He has a broken sandal, says Cera, with a touch of sadness, “but it doesn’t matter – he’s like 60 years old or something”.

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