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Final letter

The nature and content of the course this semester has helped me to improve my writing skills. Previously, I had did not consider myself as a writer. The schooling period has brought out my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. My greatest weakness was putting my thoughts into writing. The problem was how to how to express what was on my mind. When looking at most of the things, most of them make perfect sense. However, it was difficult to put properly them into words and still sound logical. At times, I felt that what I wrote did not make sense or needed to be phrased in a different way.

Writing an introduction was a challenging task as I could not figure out what exactly was required to be written. Also, developing opening statements that can make the reader more interested in reading the paper was difficult. One of my greatest strength as a writer is that I develop a good flow and connection between paragraphs in a paper. The person reading the paper may find it interesting to read as points connect and disconnect where necessary. I also make good use of punctuations and proper structuring.

The class has significantly improved my skills as a writer. I had trouble earlier, but I have improved with time. Getting involved in essay writing enabled me to express myself and offer vivid explanations to concepts. I can create more vivid explanations and include examples to ensure that my point is clearly expressed. I learned that reading was also important in improving my weaknesses. I engaged in extensive reading of reading materials such as textbooks and novels.

The course has significantly contributed to improving my writing skills in different ways. First, the lecture increased my motivation to have good writing skills. Secondly, it provided instructions necessary in writing processes and rules. Thirdly, it provided writing practice that enhanced my writing capabilities. Additionally, the lecturer provision of constructive feedback about my writing enabled me to make necessary changes when required. With the level of motivation, I was able to improve my writing and persist in the effort. The course was instrumental in providing appropriate processes and rules to apply in writing, such as grammar rules. The writing practice was important as I was able to receive clear, specific feedback about what to do and what to do differently in the future.

The lecture emphasized the importance of good writing skills in the satisfactory completion of the unit and future careers. I properly understood the value of good writing and implications of substandard writing. The lecturer was effective in pointing out through anecdote on the benefits that accrue to good writing. I was also able to read writing done my other students. This helped me realize that every person has a way of expressing ideas differently from others. This encouraged me to be a better writer and not strive to write like another student.

The lecture was also effective in encouraging students to the detailed attention to punctuation and grammar as could be seen in sample papers, books, and articles. I learned more about the proper use of punctuations and correct grammar. The rules were important in the improvement of my writing skills. I learned that there were certain writing skills that are fundamental to almost all types of writing. Also, there are purpose-specific writing skills and styles. With feedback and more practice, writing became better. Even though learning some complex skills involved many attempts, I did not feel discouraged when I failed to accomplish the specific requirements. Eventually, the process of writing became increasingly enjoyable.

When writing this paper, I feel that it has become much easier to express my thoughts in a clear and precise way. I feel that the essays gave me an opportunity to realize my strengths and improve my weaknesses. I can now write without much struggle or finding the sentences vague. The important writing rules will help me not only in my course but also in my career. I recognize the significance of effective communication in the work environment and ultimate effects on the message passed. I also enjoy writing now, and this has helped me in other courses as well. I have never been more proficient in writing like I am today. Writing was never an easy task for me, and I felt that my weaknesses exceeded my strengths. Today, I consider myself a good writer who can convey the message without much effort. I have seen an improvement in performance in this course as well as in other courses that I can trace in improved writing skills.

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