General safety procedures for millers

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  1. Wear protective goggles when dry grinding or trimming the cutting disc.
  2. Check if the cutting disc is loose, cracked, whether the protective cover is firm and reliable, and it is not allowed to start when problems are found.
  3. The front of the cutting disc is not allowed to stand, the operator should stand on the side of the flat cutting disc on sale.
  4. The cutting disc speed is not allowed to exceed the limit. Before feeding, you should choose a reasonable eating tool and feed slowly.
  5. When loading and unloading the workpiece, the cutting disc should be retracted to a safe position.
  6. Do not stop the cutting disc when the cutting disc is not retracted from the workpiece.
  7. When repairing the cutting disc with diamond, the diamond should be held by the fixing frame, and it is not allowed to hold it by hand.
  8. The vacuum cleaner must be kept in good condition and fully utilized.
  9. The dry grinding workpiece is not allowed to add coolant in the middle; the grinding of the wet grinding machine should stop grinding immediately; when the wet work is finished, the cutting disc should be idling for 5 minutes to remove the coolant on the cutting disc.

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