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FordPass – Internet Controlled Vehicle Open-source SDK

Over the last few months, I've developed two open-source libraries that allow you to interact and control your FordPass connected cars. For anyone unaware, FordPass is a mobile application for 2018+ Ford Vehicles that allows you to fetch information like fuel range, oil life, tire pressure, door unlock status, etc. You also have the ability to remotely stop, start, unlock and lock your vehicle directly from the app.

However, as of late the application front-end doesn't function properly and it makes it almost impossible to correctly authorize your vehicle, or even send remote commands. So, I decided to build an SDK that allows individuals to be able to interact and control their own vehicles using the FordPass API endpoints. This SDK bypasses the FordPass app issues and allows you to take control of your vehicle.

There are currently two versions of the ConnectedCar SDK that are currently available on Github.

  1. connected-car-node-sdk
  2. connected-car-python-sdk

Both of these versions have documentation that can help you get started fairly quickly if you're interested in developing a solution for yourself or others. (I've developed an example ExpressJS application here that may help you get started a bit quicker.)


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