Frame transfer from one switch to another configured with VLANS

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Hi, My question is related to the Vlan. And this question would consist of 2 parts. 1)Would Switch 1 know all the devices present in Vlan 2 or Vlan 3, including the ones present in the Switch 2. For ex: Would Vlan 2 of Switch 1 know about Host H and Host F and vice-versa. If not, 2)Say, Im sending data from Host B in Vlan 2 to Host H present in Switch 2 Vlan 2, so if the Switch 1 doesnt have any info in its table, it sends a broadcast and ultimately Host H receives it, if im not wrong. Now, how will Host H send the data back to Host B? Host H will only be aware of the Destination MAC addres, so how does the switch know that the data has to be sent through fa0/4 tagging the frame. As far as my knowledge goes, each vlan will be knowing about only their devices, so using what info does the switch forward it out of the fa0/4. Please help me on this. The concept is pretty confusing. An explanation, with the flow of the data from the beginning starting from Host B to Host H and then finally from Host H to Host B would be helpful.

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