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Freedom is considered as the cornerstone of our society hence it is valued greatly. This is because it is a right that can be enjoyed by everyone but only if it is balanced with respect. It can be exercised in three forms these includes physical freedom, which means we have the freedom to live where we want; True freedom, which is to be free from all habits, good and bad; Individual freedom, and this refers being able to express oneself in a way that makes that person feel good about himself or herself. This freedom allows each person the opportunity to make the decisions that govern their life and makes our quality of life higher because it gives us the ability to pursue our dreams.
Therefore even though there are good habits and bad habits, true freedom is exercised from our thoughts and actions. One is able to exercise the power of using wisdom rather than compulsive desires and habits. Currently in the United States of America the current constitution has made many freedoms available to us. These includes
a. Freedom of speech
From a common perspective true freedom is innate in human whereby every human will fight as long as he lives to restore his innate right to be a free man. Under the previous western civilization individuals were deprived of their rights of speech. As a result it prompted the need to fight to restore one’s personal freedom and autonomy from expressing themselves. hence they would within their best to maintain and keep this right. (US Department of State, 2004)

b. Freedom of religion
Currently, America is experiencing a real revolution in religious-freedom law. This has helped in transforming the rights of individual conscience. Besides, the First Amendment guarantees ones freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right and freedom to worship without any restrictions or limitations. (US Department of State, 2004)
c. Freedom of the Press
In a country where the freedom of the press is guaranteed, it presents a case scenario where the press is entitled to presents facts and ideas without any restriction from the government.
However, in some societies, there is limited freedom. For example, in Saudi Arabia it has a policy which provides for fewer freedoms. These includes
a. Freedom of speech
The citizen’s freedom of speech is not guaranteed. The people there still live in a society where the authority does not guarantee the freedom of opinion. Hence their creativity of mind is killed and buried. As a result the same society is the largest and biggest loser from this lack of creativity.
b. Religion
The laws and policies in Saudi Arabia restrict religious freedom. Being an Islamic nation the Muslim religion tends to be favored over others hence restricting an individual’s religious practices and the freedom of worship.
c. The Press
Another case is press freedom where the press is restricted in the way they present news. According to authorities granting the press freedom may lead to threat to national security.
Moreover in Saudi Arabia the press has the freedom restricted when it comes to the following:
a. People cannot speak badly about the king.
As a result, people live in fears of their security as they believe in they may get punished if he or she speaks badly about the king.
b. People cannot choose any other religion.
Based on the current state of affairs there is no law respecting an establishment of religion other than Islam, since the law prohibits the right of the people to assemble peaceably. Individuals have no right to choose their own religion but rather have to subscribe to the Islam religion. Hence they are unable to establish their places, so as to perform their religious actions. The official state religion is based on firm Sharia law, and non-Muslims are not allowed to hold Saudi citizenship. (US Department of State, 2004)
c. These crimes are punishable by prison.
When it comes to crimes, the country’s justice system believes in the capital punishment. For example when one converts from Islam to another religion it is considered apostasy and punishable by death or even a long prison sentence. (US Department of State, 2004)

Furthermore, even though freedom is an absolute right, currently the many freedoms that people enjoy come with a price. A perfect example is in the following justifiable course of actions
a. People protested at *** soldier’s funeral
Historically, there has been an evident proof that the *** community lacks the freedom to express themselves in a manner that they are not discriminated for their sexuality. This is evident in a case where people had to protest a *** soldier’s funeral so as to restore the human right to become whom they want to be without the fear of discrimination.
b. He fought for their freedom to express themselves.
In a situation where freedom is limited, individuals will fight hard for their freedom to express themselves. Many at times you’ll find people violating the laws and rules for freedom sake. Hence there should be respect for other people and their needs.
c. Freedom of speech expressed through hate signs.
This happens in a situation where the freedom of anyone ends where the freedom of another one begins. In most cases, individuals will consider the most humiliating ways to punish their fellow human being who deprive them of their freedom. Hence he or she will make use of hate sign just to express themselves based on their lack of freedom. This will ensure that individuals can appreciate other people’s freedom regardless of who they are. (US Department of State, 2004; Chafee, 2001)

On the other hand freedom can be defined from different aspects, and according to different cultures and different countries. It varies from one culture to another, depending on how it is perceived in a country. However many countries may be perceived as having too many or too few freedom. But if the freedom is balanced with respect and honesty it would help resolve the problem that is currently facing the world today. Therefore for the freedom to be truly achieved, it is important to consider the following key important factors. (US Department of State, 2004)
a. Do not engage in negative acts if a person is participating in his right.
Since freedom is defined, as a natural right, that a human being is born with, it is thus important not engage in acts that would hinder persons from participating in their right. This is because as noted earlier everyone would want to be free and independent from other; hence freedom is the right to do what one wants, without ignoring or harming others rights(Chafee, 2001)
b. The teachings of our parents need to be remembered
In addition the idea of freedom is to be respectful and be more useful to the society. One way to achieve this is to be respectful and remember the teaching of our parents on learning to respect everyone. Hence just as we stick to our parent’s teachings the same case should apply respecting each and every individual’s right to freedom. (Chafee, 2001)
c. “Do not say anything if you can’t say anything nice.”
Also, exercising freedom is achieved by respecting others rights to live free too, whereby it is important not ignore the rights of people with whom we live in the society. Besides it is also important to learn to express positive words when a person is participating in their right to freedom, where our priority is taking other people rights into consideration. Therefore even if we cannot say anything nice, it is important not to say anything so as to act respectfully.
In conclusion, it is possible to neither say that freedom is an innate right, that every human is entitled to and that nothing should threaten our freedom nor even deprive us of our right to exercise our free will and freedom of speech. Besides, even though freedom is our right the freedom must not be obtained at the expense of causing harm to another human being, directly or indirectly. Hence it is important that we must respect the freedom of everyone in the society. In this way, we’re able to enjoy our own freedom. Parents must also teach their youngsters to be free. They must plant in them the love for freedom. But their freedom must be watched; it should not be without limits. If so, we can censor their behavior without fear from friends of our children.

US Department of State (2004) Saudi Arabia International Religious Freedom Report 2004 BUREAU OF DEMOCRACY, HUMAN RIGHTS, AND LABOR
Chafee, Zechariah (2001) Free speech in the United States. Union, NJ: Lawbook Exchange. ISBN 1-58477-085-6.

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