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From The Mandalorian to The White Lotus: the TV stars getting sacked for their politics

Railing against Covid policies, going pro-Russia, taking a stand on Palestine – the age of the career-ending stance is now here. But where will it take us?

Gina Carano used to have a reputable acting career, maintaining a comfortable level of fame as someone who occasionally appeared in The Mandalorian. Given the fan reaction to the role – and Disney’s fixation with awarding a spin-off to every character who has appeared in a Star Wars property – it seemed that she would go far. But then … the tweeting started.

Carano began posting messages on Twitter (now X) taking in Covid denialism, her mistrust of the 2020 election results and, most egregiously, how being a Republican was a bit like being a Jew in **** Germany. The outcry was loud and immediate: her character was cut from The Mandalorian in 2021, with Lucasfilm calling the tweets “abhorrent and unacceptable.” She was later dropped by her talent agency.

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