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Get Whatsapp Girls Mobile Numbers for Online Friendship

Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: Faiqa belong to DHA Karachi, she is very sophisticated and mature girl. Her schooling is from Army Public School and has done her master in mass communication from Karachi university. Now belongs to an honorable printing media Organization. Her profile cover theme is being dull but shows her maturity and woman empowerment. Her profile picture is set with her own pictures with her sisters. Her pictures shows her deep relation with her family specially with her sisters.

Name: Faiqa

City: Karachi

Whatsapp Number: +923092847142

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Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: As a journalist, her priority is her work, and daily life professional challenges. Her happiness is belongs to her family and her work. Her style differ her from her age fellow, very polite and sophisticated is her style. After her job, her hobbies are gardening and cooking. She has done many cooking and baking courses. Her wall fills from her cooking videos and pictures, where she enjoyed her cooking with her family. Every type of cousin, she can make easily.

Name: Lubna

City: Lahore

Whatsapp Number: +923362956172

Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Her favorite cousine is Chinese and dish is chicken Manchurian with fried rice. Her posts is also showing her hobby of gardening. Her care is bless her plants and garden which pictures show in her profile. Her garden fill up with flowers plants. Her likes local flowers like rose, jasmine, ever green plants. Her gardener also helps her and give her some useful tips to take care of her garden.

Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: Her second love after her family is her garden. Her posts show that her love. Many trees and shrubs are grown by her own hands when she was a child. Mango tree is her favorite tree. In summer she reads and listen music down that tree. As a Karachi citizen, she also loves to visit sea side. Her mostly pictures are with her family is visiting the sea and exploring the world of water.

Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: Her best quality is that she accept all the challenges and put her effort to fulfill those challenges. Swimming is also her favorite hobby and she done once a time scuba diving, that was memorable incident for her.

Name: Gouri

City: Mumbai

Whatsapp Number: +9134620960152

Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: As a journalist, her statements shows her achievements of work like her articles and surveys. Her eyes have a unique shine of happiness when she work on her newspaper project. Her bravery, capability of decision making, strong interaction with her family and job, these all are the personality traits of Faiqa.

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