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Gmail vs. Outlook

Email remains one of the most common ways of communication both in business and digital life. There is a huge range of different email services and you may face a difficult choice to us the right one for you. Most people use Gmail or Outlook and they are definitely on the top of the best email accounts.

Regular users can use both Outlook and Gmail for free, and the same is true for companies. The situation is, however, different when email alone isn’t enough and you need other different advantages of email services. Microsoft and Google have subscription services, which are called Office 365 and G Suite respectively.

Microsoft offers email hosting with 50 GB mailbox and custom email domain address and file storage and sharing with 1 TB of OneDrive storage. That’s a lot of cloud storage space for not much money, that is why Google has recently updated its two more expensive G Suite plans to include unlimited cloud storage.

The choice between Gmail and Outlook is pretty hard but both of them have their advantages and disadvantages and you can choose the one you enjoy the most. For example when it comes to Outlook vs Gmail privacy, Outlook’s terms of service seem clearer and more respectful than Gmail’s while Gmail has a lot of different tricks that help you to manage your email account even easier.

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