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Government is our Servant – Not Our ***

Friday’s passage in the House of Representatives of H.R. 5376, a.k.a. the “human infrastructure bill,” represents an unprecedented grasp of government overreach that threatens to undermine the institution of the family on a number of levels. Deceptively titled “Build Back Better,” this $2 trillion piece of legislation will actually break the backs of future generations. The only thing it builds is a deepening dependence on Uncle Sam.  The “better” way is for the United States Senate to outright reject this bill. In its current form, the bill will allow taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, mandates abortion coverage in healthcare plans and provides nearly $1.3 billion to help further indoctrinate and brainwash public school students with leftist propaganda, including critical race theory and dangerous gender equity policies. It includes a massive amnesty bill for illegal immigrants. It also wrests more and more authority and influence from parents by massively expanding universal preschool as well as meals for children in school. To put it simply and starkly, it’s almost impossible to plumb the depths of the dangers of this massive, reckless spending bill. Republicans and Democrats have been sparring over spending for years, but this latest assault on the family is unprecedented in just how bad it is. At the core of the debate over H.R. 5376 is government’s role in our lives. The authors of this legislation believe government is in the best position to solve our problems and improve our quality of life. In reality, government almost always makes things worse – borrowing and spending money it doesn’t have to try and fix issues it helped create in the first place. Despite decades of evidence – from President Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” to Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” program – history confirms that throwing public dollars at problems doesn’t help – but ultimately harms. It’s a fool’s errand. Yet rich liberals and leftists never seem to tire of spending other people’s money. It was Ludwig von Mises, the Austrian economist, who once observed, “The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments.” I suppose we shouldn’t be shocked that such radical legislation would come from people whose government is their god. When you believe that Uncle Sam is savior and not Jesus, priorities are inevitably upended and confused. The Senate is expected to take up the bill sometime after Thanksgiving. While it’s likely some of the more “moderates” in the upper chamber will cut things from the bill, experts suggest its eventual passage is likely. It seems that current leadership believes they have to move quickly to pass this extreme agenda and enshrine crippling, socialist entitlements into law due to the increasing likelihood of a leadership change in November of 2022. As believers, we trust the Lord for our ultimate security and outcome, but we have a responsibility to participate in the electoral process and do what we can to encourage leadership and polices that complement, not contradict, God’s laws.  Please call your senators and urge them to oppose this immoral and dangerous bill. The post Government is our Servant – Not Our God appeared first on Jim Daly.

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