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Grinding wheel cutting machine operation method and precautions

Grinding wheel cutting machine, also known as grinding wheel saw, grinding wheel cutting machine is suitable for construction, hardware, petrochemical, mechanical metallurgy, and hydropower installation departments. The grinding wheel cutting machine can be used for cutting metal flat tubes, square flat steel, I-beam, channel steel, carbon steel, yuan tube, and other materials. Then, how should the grinding wheel cutting machine be used correctly? What are the precautions in use? The Chinese mechanical equipment network Xiaobian summed up for everyone.
How to use the grinding wheel cutting machine:

  1. The grinding wheel cutting machine should be placed on the stable ground. Keep away from flammable materials. The power line should be connected to the leakage protection device.
    Second, the aluminum flat cutting disc should be installed as required. The starting operation should be smooth before starting work.
    Third, the clamping device should be safe and reliable to prevent accidents from loosening the workpiece.
  2. When cutting, the operator should evenly cut and avoid the front of the cutting piece to prevent accidents caused by improper operation of the cutting piece.
  3. After the work is finished, the dust on the surface of the grinding wheel cutting machine should be wiped and the workplace should be cleaned. There should be rain protection measures in the open storage.
  4. The operation box or switch must be intact and must have grounding protection.
  5. When the handle is used for cutting movement, the force should be even and stable. Do not use excessive force to avoid overloading the cutting piece of the grinding wheel.
  6. Check the clamping device of the grinding wheel cutting machine should be flexible and reliable, and the hand wheel, *****, and nut should be intact.
  7. The grinding wheel cutter lever should have sufficient strength and rigidity to keep the grinding wheel free to lift after loading all the parts.
  8. The lever shaft should be intact, the rotation is flexible and reliable, and the nut is locked after the lever assembly.
  9. When replacing the cutting wheel of the grinding wheel, the power must be cut off. Newly installed grinding wheel cutting blades must meet the equipment requirements.
  10. After replacing the flat cutting disc on sale of the grinding wheel, it is necessary to test whether there is obvious vibration, and it can be used after confirming that the operation is normal.
  11. Use the grinding wheel cutting machine to avoid the rotation of the grinding wheel as far as possible to avoid accidental injury to others.
  12. The support wheel should be complete and intact, the installation is firm and the rotation is flexible. It should be balanced and reliable during resettlement, and there should be no obvious vibration during work.
  13. The shields of the transmission and the grinding wheel must be safe and reliable and can block the debris that flies out after the grinding wheel is broken. The end baffle should be securely mounted on the cover and must not be removed during the operation.
  14. After the operation is finished, the power should be cut off immediately and arranged.

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