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Has anyone got any advice for running a new public DoT DNS service? [closed]

        I have had mixed advice for running a public DoT server. From "DON'T DO IT" to "its hell easy". Im in the middle i think. Im not going full crazy and giving every country access so its not exactly fully public.
So far its handling over 500 different users an hour. I would say its about 300 because of mobile phone roaming. So 1 user can generate many ip address over a short period if say driving or flying. A few hiccups i found along the way so far; request thread exhaustion from miss-configuration on my part. The other mistakes ive made, underestimating server resources like memory. I thought it was very resource friendly but i was very wrong. A bit of a learning curve going from udp to tcp and even more so with tls involved. Its been a big journey and its finally done. Oh and did i mention its all for free. I make zip!. It is an ad blocker not hiding that fact. Its in the name i have a new system using bayesian statistics to find predictable behaviour and block name resolutions if a blacklisted domain or IP is detected...(this was making me lose my hair) lol I cant find any information regarding peoples issues when running a DoT server. if people want to test for integrity or issues you're more than welcome. i need all the advice i can get and im not doing this for profit so paying people to do it is not going to make my CFO happy. Anyway if you find an issue, you can post here or contact [email protected] . this isn't advertising as i don't make anything from the service. Just reaching out to the network guru's community to take a peak and maybe help by telling me what ive done wrong. Compliments are welcome but im bracing for bad. Happy hunting. DoT server

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