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Hefty Hardware Case Study

Organizations have developed different approaches of undertaking operations as well as the technology that is aimed at boosting the business service delivery and operations. In any company, there are some issues that stand to inhibit the proper way of undertaking activities. At the Hefty Hardware case, there are two critical issues that company is facing as far as the information technology is well concerned. Identically, it is necessary to have the development of standards that should provide guidance on how to management the company. There is poor establishment of the communication throughout the company yet it is a very determinant factor when it comes to success in any business. Communication enhances teamwork as well.

The critical issue within the Hefty Hardware Company is the existing gap between the business department and the information technology department. In reality is that, business department applies the different information technology appliances and requires most of the services to ensure operations of the department. With the poor relationship between the departments, the operations are obvious not to the standards which has indicated the rampant reduction in production and quality of the services as well. The gap is facilitated with the poor communication channels which are critical when it comes to sharing of resources (devices, knowledge, ideas, etc.). The gap indicates that there is no teamwork at all within the Hefty Hardware Company. Teamwork has been outlined as an essential factor that facilitates success within an organization. This shows that the management should have a way of providing a solution to the issues that are facilitating some other issues affecting the normal operations of the organization (Avanade, 2014).


How effective is the partnership between IT and the business at Hefty Hardware? Identify the shortcomings of both IT and the business.

The partnership between the It and the business section is not effective at all no matter the assumptions provided regardless of the efforts that aim at hiding the complex gap existing between the departments. The ineffectiveness between the sections is clearly portrayed with the common awkward challenges that the company is facing all the time. The information technology has the duty of boosting the operations at the business sections and ensuring that the procedures and data are well protected. However, the roles are taken negligently with the staff that ends up providing poor services that makes the business section to suffer. Data is corrupted, the system are ever under compromise, what is the IT section doing about the network security. Subsequently, the business staff tends to provide their own solutions to the issues thus complicating the problem to the unmanageable level. This clearly shows the inaccurate data analytics that is messing the Company in decision making.

Create a written plan for how IT and the business can work collaboratively to deliver the Savvy Store program successfully.

The delivery of the Savvy Store program will require the departments to work as team based on the provided procedures of undertaking activities. The primary task is to define a team comprising of members from both the sections which will get followed with an in depth training of the program delivery team. The requirements will then get defined through a through feasibility study conducted. This will get followed with the testing of the Savvy Store program then with the definition of the procedures of implementing the program. The team should then develop the governing standards and principles to ensure intercommunications.


Avanade. (2014). “Tension between the IT Department and Business Leadership Forces New Approach to Delivering Technology to the Business“. Web.

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