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Hello, Uglies! Dragula Is Back, Both Ookier and Spookier Than Ever

To the tune of ABBA’s “Voulez-Vous”: Boulez-Broooooooo. The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula is back for season five, and, based on the trailer, it’s giving us everything we need from this show. Namely: sickening looks (both literally and figuratively), strange but fitting guest judges (hello, Matthew Lillard), and heaps upon heaps of drama. “Maybe you’re not that much of a monster,” one contestant says in the trailer, which is basically the worst thing you can say to another person on this show.

“One of the main differences this season is that the two of us have taken over the responsibility of directing the show ourselves,” Dracmorda Boulet said of the season in a statement to Vulture. “As performing drag artists, I think we have a unique advantage to knowing how drag can be presented in its best light through the lens of the camera, and it was exciting to be able to create and provide that opportunity for this new cast of stars. It really gives them an opportunity to shine and an incredible new stage to shine on, and we’re thrilled about the change.”

“It was also important for us to really get back to what we feel makes the show what it is, and we feel firstly that is showcasing incredible, through provoking drag, secondly showing people how this drag is created and made, and thirdly (and maybe most importantly) showcasing drag artists doing insane, shocking and dangerous performance acts like jumping out of planes and eating glass and things like that,” Swanthula Boulet added. “Dragula is supposed to be a wild ride, and I think this new season is exactly that.” Season five of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula premieres on October 31 (duh) on both AMC+ and Shudder. It’s gonna be fierce fears.


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