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Here’s A Quick Way to Optimize Your Google Places Page

The secret of Google has now been revealed! Thinking what is it? Google claims that over 20% of all their searches are local businesses, places etc. Google Place pages now appear like full search results with the Map moved to far right. When Google determines the search term is absolutely local (say SEO Services in Adelaide), Google Place pages will dominate the results often appearing above organic results.

With Google placing their Places page among organic results, your Place page ranking becomes more important than ever. To improve your ranking you must optimise your Google Places page. Optimizing your Google Places page is easy, here are a few quick tips.

  • Claim your Google Place page – Google may have already generated a Place page for you. You just have to claim the Place page to improve your ranking.
  • Verify the address – If you have a physical address such as a hotel or restaurant, make sure Google Places has listed the address correctly.
  • Don’t hide your address – Google offers an option to hide your address. But hiding address can negatively impact your ranking, so it is advised to avoid hiding your address.
  • Use appropriate keywords in your Place Page description.
  • Research and find out the most commonly used business categories associated with your business.
  • List your phone number with local area code.
  • Avoid using multiple Places Pages with the same phone number and address.

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