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Here’s an update on the Helium Network

Hi all, hope you're all well.

It's been a while since we've talked to this community about Helium, but I wanted to give an update on what we've been doing there and how we think it can help your IoT projects.

In short, Helium Hotspot owners have created a network of ~4,500 Hotspots. Helium exists in 1,000+ US cities right now (so if you're in the US, there's a reasonable chance you're covered), and expansion into EU and Asia-Pacific is imminent. We became the largest public US-based LoRaWAN network in just 10 months.

We're seeing a lot of interest from device makers that are now able to utilise our affordable connectivity rates (100 devices pinging a 24-byte packet every hour costs $0.71/month), on a nationwide roaming network.

There's also some good IoT chat happening in our discord:

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