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Home network, not secure ? Any help appreciated [closed]

        Currently w/Verizon for their Gigabit connection spending $250 monthly on services and in 2 years. My bank account w/$5000 has been taken. Our iPhones calls have been setup w/out permission to WhatsApp recorded texts, conversations, even rerouted calls to the bank to the hackers. Shared my screen thinking I was speaking with Netgear in Romania and ever since I lost a Pc I could never bring back up online. Brand new, sent to Verizon which they lost and was returned in a box full of pieces. Purchased another desktop now 2 years later I have had problems setting up the internal drive purchased from Micro centre that they connected once for me and I have returned to their store almost every 3-4 months with the same reoccurring issues, my drive not being set correctly. Causing Kernel errors. And unrelentlessly being hacked. Seems to be a group of people. This pass Easter they texted me to inform me they would go nowhere this would never stop. W3600 tplink G3100 w/Fios 2 unmanaged switches.
Thoughts were to buy upgrade to a managed switch.

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