How BoJack Horseman became the most empathetic show on television

In a standout fifth season, the dark animated comedy continues to provide unexpected insight about human behavior through its non-human protagonist

Since BoJack Horseman first came out in 2014, it has gained both critical acclaim, as well as a staunchly loyal following of viewers who enjoy the show’s seamless blend of whimsical animation and earnest exploration of the human condition. Throughout the series, we follow the experiences of BoJack, a once-famous horse actor who was best known for his role in a corny sitcom called Horsin’ Around. At once, a satire of Hollywood culture (which is called “Hollywoo” after the D is stolen from the sign), BoJack Horseman is also a complex look at what it means to be happy and how the choices we make can have a profound impact on the happiness and wellbeing of others.

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