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How do cloud servcie providers check if the clients network functions are in a good condition? [on hold]

        Imagine a situation where a cloud provider has gives the user a container in which the user can install and use a certain type of network function. However, the users do not grant access to the cli of the container to the provider. 
enter image description here Now, I have two questions on this:
  1. Does such a scenario happen in the real-world? In other words, do we have such a conflict between tenants and providers in real-world cloud platforms? Can you name such a platform or lead me to some resources about this?
  2. How does the cloud networking provider understands if the network function in tenants are doing fine or not? For instance, how does the provider finds about the bandwidth problem of a tenant if the tenant (which is, for example, a container) does not give the provider any access to the container?

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