How do I use Linux box as a network switch (connection sharing between 2 interfaces – bridging? Without NAT) [on hold]

WiFi router <----> Linux box <----> PC The WiFi router has network with DHCP server and I connected my Linux box to it. It has static IP address. The WiFi router connected to the internet. PC is the device which needs that internet.

The need (in more details)

I want to share internet connection so the PC connected to the Ethernet port of Linux box would have all WiFi router features (example: automatically assigned IP from the WiFi router's DHCP server). I want my Linux box to act like a switch, but also to be accessible from WiFi router and the PC via IP address of


Is this even possible (without NAT)? I also use netctl and Arch Linux. Any help is appreciated. Would be brilliant if someone could share required commands, articles or tutorials on how to do this.

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