How does offer18 traffic tracking platform different from others !!

Offer18 provide traffic tracking solution. Offer18 is a top class  performance tracking technology for creating your own Digital Marketing Campaign/Offers Network and track traffic. It supports Advertisers, Agencies, and Ad Networks to a customized product.

Our platform is easy to manage with it’s user friendly interface, easy to integrate with 3rd party systems. Offer18 provide faster tracking, take less time to redirect and track 20 different end points.

Offer18 is a campaigns performance tracking platform designed to help track online offers/campaigns in different categories and models, including CPA, CPC, CPL, CPI, CPS, CPV, CPL and CPM etc. We are providing a platform to run campaign/offers online, track performance, ROI, and much more.

Now there is no need to worry about higher costs, it’s a cost-effective solution for your advertising network. Billing is postpaid that means you don’t need to pay in advance. You can sign-up without credit/debit card information. Signup for free one month trial.

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