How Mariah Carey’s ‘I don’t know her’ became pop’s shadiest power move

The superstar pretending her rivals don’t exist has become an iconic putdown – with Lil’ Kim the latest to use the damning technique
Pop has had some incredible disses. Rihanna saying Diplo’s music sounds “like a reggae song at an airport”. Beyoncé’s smirk and eye roll when Kelly Rowland claimed to be the “second lead” singer in Destiny’s Child. Drake asking Meek Mill: “Is that a world tour, or your girl’s tour?” on Back to Back. But the greatest – and most enduring – shade of all time has to be when Mariah Carey claimed she didn’t know Jennifer Lopez. Let’s go back: in the early 00s, when asked about her pop rival by paparazzi, Mariah shook her head and innocently answered: “I don’t know her.” She did know her: last year, Irv Gotti claimed that the singers started their feud in 2001 when Mariah was surprised to hear a sample she’d bagged for her then-unreleased song Loverboy pop up on Lopez’s hit single I’m Real. Continue reading...

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