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How Netflix’s The Upshaws shows that the family sitcom is still thriving

The second season of the underrated multi-cam comedy continues to keep the spirit of Norman Lear alive with deft interweaving of real drama in a glossy format The second season of The Upshaws picks up where the previous season left off – with a small girl dropping in on the family claiming to be a long-lost daughter. For Bennie Upshaw, it’s the latest in a series of devastating revelations that threaten to undo a fragile family that’s already struggling to integrate an estranged adult son and a teenage boy conceived out of wedlock. Where a soap opera or pulpy drama might approach these plot twists soberly, The Upshaws play it for laughs. When Bennie finds out his older son is the little girl’s father, he indulges in an I-told-you-so moment before his convoluted reality sets in again. “Wait a minute,” he says to his adult son. “I thought you were gay?” (He is.) Continue reading...

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