How pop culture’s obsession with ‘receipts’ led to 2018’s weirdest beef

As the recent Azealia Banks v Elon Musk social media spat showed, celebrities aren’t immune to showing up their rivals via telling screenshots

Unless you’ve been orbiting the Earth on a SpaceX shuttle, or maybe living under a Tesla car, you’ll probably know that rapper Azealia Banks and professional billionaire man-child Elon Musk have been embroiled in one of 2018’s oddest feuds. After a bizarre trip to Musk’s house, which the singer described as “a real life episode of Get Out” (Musk, meanwhile, claimed he hadn’t so much as spoken to Banks), she began uploading scandalous screenshots of what she alleged were private conversations with his girlfriend, fellow musician Grimes, to her Instagram story. She had, to use a phrase from the glossary of new social media-related terminology, the “receipts”, and was unafraid to use them.

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