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How to approach an IoT project.

I'm currently working on an IoT project based on Contiki OS and Cooja. It's one of my first IoT projects, so I'm not sure how to approach it.

The problem statement is that I've to develop a system where streetlights can be automated to light up only when there is a person or vehicle near by. Also, if there are any issues in the streetlight( for example, any sensors, light isn't working or some other problem) Any problem should be notified on a central node/server.

So far, I've built a UDP based mesh network with a sink node to collect all the relevant data. Now I want to display the data in real time on a webpage. I'm not sure which protocol to use. I went through a few example codes for slip and coap but I found them to be quite intimidating. I plan to host the webpage on the sink node itself and use a RPL border router for connecting the network to the internet.

Any advice on how I can approach this problem.

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