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How To Balance China Grinding Abrasive Disc

China grinding abrasive disc

If China grinding abrasive disc is unbalanced, the heavier part will always go to the bottom. At this point, the position of the weight can be moved to balance. A well-balanced China grinding abrasive disc must be inspected for cracks before installation on the machine tool spindle. Cracked grinding wheels are forbidden to be used.

During installation, the grinding wheel and the ****** should be padded with a flexible pad: the diameter of the two flanges must be equal, the size is generally half of China grinding abrasive disc. There should be a certain gap between the grinding wheel and the grinding wheel shaft or the step ******, so as to prevent the main shaft from being thermally expanded and the grinding wheel to burst.

The method of balancing China grinding abrasive disc: loading several balancing blocks in the annular groove of the grinding wheel ******, and adjusting the position of the balancing block so that the center of gravity of the grinding wheel coincides with its axis of rotation.

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