How to boost sales for an E-commerce store this Halloween 2018

So, it’s time again, Happy Halloween. We, you and all the spooky shenanigans are excited for Halloween 2018. But, since there’s more that adds to this fun event, it’s an important event for the businesses to capitalize, what better way to kick the holiday off with spooky and haunting content for your clients and audience right?. Let’s cut the pumpkins, shall we?

Did you know that this season every year has a whopping 7 billion sale in the US which includes e-commerce sales mostly and we think we don’t need to tell what is bought but you get the gist right? The point is, the trend is picking up the pace and this year it’s going to go up to 8 billion because of the increasing explainer video hype related to Halloween offers. Since we like stirring potions like a twisted witch, we have secrets and ideas for e-commerce stores to use as Halloween offers.




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