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How to choose sports flooring for sports venues

Nowadays, no matter what kind of goods we buy, we often pay attention to the price, because this is a question of our funds. In fact, the purchase of prefabricated elastic flat PP mat sport flooring is the same, the first concern is the price, followed by the quality. This has caused many sports flooring manufacturers to use their hands and feet in the production of indoor sports flooring, and to deceive consumers under the banner of the manufacturers. Consumers will have many hidden dangers after purchasing these products, because indoor sports flooring is not only It is for decoration. It is also an auxiliary material to protect the safety of athletes. Since everyone cares about the price, let’s take a look at how the sports venues choose interlocking elastic flat PP mat sport flooring and usage precautions to understand the cost of installing the sports floor.

We have to choose trees with moderate hardness and not easy to produce wood thorns. Reduce the likelihood of athletes being injured during exercise. Suitable for sports flooring made from maple and eucalyptus in common tree species. The main features are as follows:

  1. The sports floor ball made of maple and eucalyptus has good rebound performance and is effective in earthquake resistance and sound insulation.
    Sports floor installation costs
  2. Basically no breeding of termites, construction is pollution-free.
  3. It is not easy to deform and will not damage the original ground.
  4. The texture is soft and moderate, and people have a good feeling when they are exercising on the floor.
    The use of the sports floor is a very worthy thing to pay attention to, only to increase the service life of the sports floor, in order to play a better role.
    In the process of using the sports floor, we need to do some sand and stone protection work, because these sands will cause some traumatic wear on the sports floor. Under such wear, the service life of the sports floor can be greatly shortened. .
    Secondly, when using the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring of the sports field, it is necessary to pay special attention to the handling of various equipments of the sports floor. Once the moving floor is damaged in the handling process, it is very serious and worthy of everyone’s deep thought.
    Third, we also need to pay attention to the fireworks problem in the sports field, which has a great impact on the current sports floor.
    In fact, there are many price reference factors. The nature of the proposal is public or personal. More importantly: the people facing it, the level of consumption, the budget, and so on. Manufacturers will design and manufacture according to the ideas of the demand side.

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