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How to choose the right floating floor

The suspended assembled floor is popular with many sports people for its unique quick and easy graves, environmental protection, health, repeated disassembly and bright colors. Sports courts such as basketball courts, football fields, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and badminton courts have used a large number of suspended assembled floors as stadium floors. So, how to choose the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring? Sc-zsfloor company will introduce you to choose the right stadium suspension assembly floor to pay attention to what aspects?
First, product structure and function

At present, the suspended assembled floor on the market has two structures: a single layer structure and a double layer structure.

The single-layer suspended assembled floor mainly refers to the first generation of suspended assembled flooring. The ribbed square is suitable for tennis, the ribbed square is suitable for basketball, the MiG is suitable for basketball and badminton, and the other switches are not suitable for sports venues.

Its characteristics are: 1, the price is cheaper; 2, the production process is relatively simple; 3, can play basketball, tennis, badminton, five-a-side football, volleyball and other professional level competitions, but each game must be equipped with a different surface pattern of the floor .

The shortcomings are also obvious: compared to the double-layer structure floor, the stability is poor, the service life is about 3 to 5 years, and it is not really a multi-purpose. Because of its low price, although it was popular in the 70s and 80s of the last century, there are still many low-end venues. The simple production process also makes it the most product structure for counterfeit and shoddy products.
The double-layer suspended assembled floor is a layer added on the basis of single layer, which improves the adaptability and cushioning performance of the site. It is suitable for professional sports such as basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, indoor soccer, multi-purpose sports halls.

The advantages are as follows: 1. The surface double-layer structure enhances the physical properties of the product. In the long-term outdoor paving, the base deformation base of the double-layer floor is much lower than that of the single-layer floor. The double-layer assembled floor makes the product quality more stable (increased service life, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers, the laboratory proves that the service life can be as long as 15 years). 2, a real multi-purpose, the same venue can be basketball, handball, tennis, badminton, five-a-side football, volleyball and other professional level competitions.

Disadvantages: The manufacturing process is complicated, the manufacturing cost is high, and the product price is high.
Second, product specifications

Product specifications are divided into two parts: length, width and thickness. In terms of length and width, the domestic common suspension assembly specifications are 30.5cm, 25cm, 330mm and 333mm. The sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturer, the 500mm behind it is actually composed of 250mm. There are only two types that meet the international standards: 30.5cm and 25cm. The standard course markings have excellent solutions in these two types of sizes, and can be used to lay out suspended assembled floor courts that meet international standards. There are also four product thicknesses, which are described below.

The first is a product with a thickness of less than 1.3 cm, because this product does not really protect the athletes, and the shock absorption is less than 53%. Therefore, it does not meet the prefabricated futsal court standards and is not recommended for use in sports courts.

The second thickness is 1.3 cm and is usually a single layer structure. The product is more in line with the requirements of sports flooring, and the shock absorption is close to or reaches 53%. Therefore, this type of product can be used to train the pavement, but the professional competition course should be used with caution.

The third thickness is 1.6 cm, which is a common thickness of the double layer structure. The shock absorption is close to 58% due to its full compliance with sports flooring requirements. Therefore, many professional or leisure courses use such products.

The fourth thickness is greater than 1.6 cm and is usually also a two-layer structure. The thicker the product, the higher the physical structure requirements of the floor, the higher the technical content, and of course the higher the cost. Therefore, such products are rare in the market, and are used in high-end courses with higher requirements for sports performance. The thickness of the new suspended assembly floor like sc-zsfloor is 1.6cm.
Third, product appearance, color and weight

Appearance, mainly depends on whether the surface is cracked, blistering, poor plasticization, there is no burr on the front of the floor, the thickness of the back of the floor is consistent, the ribs are well-balanced, etc.;
The color is very important, the qualified suspension assembly floor color is completed by the expensive color masterbatch, and the secondary material does not need the color masterbatch. The masterbatch (toner) is the key to suspending the color of the assembled floor. The price of imported color masterbatch for sc-zsfloor suspended assembled floor is as high as 10,000 yuan/ton, so it can ensure the uniform color of the suspended assembled floor, the fading is slow and uniform, and it will not cause partial fading. Carefully observe our suspended assembled floor, the color is bright and bright, the gloss is full, and the beautiful colors (such as: bright red, yellow) will be slightly transparent. Material (PP) is filled with no impurities. Feel very good. Those unqualified products are dark and dull, and often have fine white particles in the material (PP);

The weight of the floor is single, and the qualified products are the primary materials used. Its main material is pure PP, supplemented by other additives (such as materials for controlling flow rate, color masterbatch, anti-aging, and reinforced PP strength materials). The more solid the qualified product is, the heavier the weight of the single piece. However, there are many unscrupulous people who use this on the market. In order to reduce costs, they added a lot of talcum powder to the PP material, artificially increasing the weight of the single piece. The performance of this floor is greatly reduced and the service life is greatly reduced. How to quickly identify it? Very simple, the suspension of the assembled floor into the water, not floating or floating very slowly can be determined to add a certain amount of talcum powder.

Product strength and flatness. First, the strength of the product can be used to fold the floor or forcefully pull the floor lock. If the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court, obvious cracks and locks fall off, it can be judged that the product is unqualified; Second, the flatness can be recognized by the ***** eye, or Put the two pieces of suspended assembled floor together and touch the joints on the surface of the floor by hand. If there is obvious unevenness, the product is a non-conforming product.

Product smell. The qualified suspended assembled floor has no odor and does not generate or retain irritating gases. The environmental protection of suspended assembled flooring is because its raw materials are safe, non-toxic and tasteless.

The above five points are the places to focus on the selection of the stadium suspension assembly floor. Deeply comprehend these, you will have a deeper understanding of the suspended assembly floor. Choosing the right stadium suspension assembly floor can not only save construction funds, but also fully exert the sports performance of the stadium and become a sportsman. If you don’t understand the choice of the stadium suspension assembly floor or other site suspension assembly floor, please contact sc-zsfloor, we will answer your questions and provide you with free design of the suspended floor stadium.


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