How to select between two NICs for data transfers between a Windows 10 PC and a QNAP TVS 951X NAS? [closed]

        I have two Ethernet adapters on my system. One is the inbuilt Intel 1218-V gigabit nic that came with the Asus Z97 Pro WiFi AC motherboard. I installed an Intel X550-T2 dual port PCIe 3.0 x4 NIC. Now, the QNAP TVS-951X  NAS is directly connected to the Intel X550-T2 on the PC via it's inbuilt 10GBe card. The 1GBe card on the NAS is connected to my router. And the 1GBe adapter of the PC is also connected to the router. The router has only 1GBe ports. Sometimes, while transferring files to the NAS, the 10GBe Card is used which is, desirable. But when I restart my pc, sometimes, the 1GBe (I need the 1GBe card for internet and 10 GBe only for the NAS) adapter on my PC is used instead of the 10GBe. I need both connections to be active at all times. I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64bit version 1909.  How do I go about solving this? 
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