How to set up an isolated network with second router behind openmesh/cloudtrax site? [on hold]

        My wife and I live on a summer camp.  They have a CloudTrax (openmesh if I'm not confused) network that I have access to configuration settings for.  I have a wired connection from a lan port on the main router "ROUTER1" (that is connected to the fiber internet connection) to my own personal LinkSys WRT1900AC "ROUTER2".  I'm a CS major and have done some network config before, but this is stumping me.
How do I create a separate "isolated" network for our house. Basically, according to what I can see on the ROUTER1 (CloudTrax) config pages, I (believe) I can do one of the following:
  • Set up a separate LAN from one of the ROUTER1 physical ports.
  • Set up a VLAN, which I'm honestly a little confused about.
  • Give ROUTER2 a reserved IP address and try an finagle it.

Environment Overview

  • Fiber connection "modem" Gateway
  • CloudTrax G200 (Model A64) (ROUTER1)
  • About 7 (OM2Pv2) Wireless Access Points supporting 2 separate WiFi SSID's connecting close to 200 clients
  • LinkSys WRT1900AC (ROUTER2) wired/connected to LAN port on ROUTER1
  • LinkSys LGS105 5-port unmanaged switch connected to LAN port on ROUTER2

Goal for the setup

  • I'd like for us to be able to connect all our devices either to ROUTER2's WiFi and LAN ports for internet access.
  • Run my personal devices (servers, desktops, printers) (on ROUTER2's "network") so that I have access when off site, and so they can "talk" to each other.
  • Keep ROUTER1's clients out of ROUTER2's network

What I've tried

  • Before they moved to the CloudTrax, I was able to simply give my router (ROUTER2) a reserved IP address on ROUTER1 going from LAN port on ROUTER1 to WAN port on ROUTER2 and a separate subnet on ROUTER2. I was able to communicate with my local server, set up a separate WiFi SSID, and connect all my stuff to the internet through ROUTER2.
  • Right now, as a temporary fix for internet access, I've got the LAN port from ROUTER1 connected to a LAN port on ROUTER2 so it's acting like a switch.

My Request

Simply put, help me take the shortest path around my backside to get to my elbow. What settings to I need to adjust here. Thank you in advance!

Supporting Diagrams and Images

Network Diagram (Basic)

Basic Network Diagram

Images of Cloudtrax Settings Pages

CloutTrax Setting 1 CloutTrax Setting 2 CloutTrax Setting 3 CloutTrax Setting 4 CloutTrax Setting 6 CloutTrax Setting 7

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