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How to setup VRRP with two routers and a single uplink (Internet connection)

Last updated on December 23, 2018

        I am wondering if the following scenario is possible to setup VRRP using two routers (and forgetting about network redundancy upstream or redundancy on the switch): 
  • Data center provides 1 single uplink cable to their network.
  • Data center provides 4 separate IP allocations to me (all on separate subnets).
  • Connect the DC uplink cable to a single switch.
  • Connect the WAN ports of both router to the same switch as the DC uplink cable.
  • Setup a Virtual IP between the two routers (on the WAN side).
  • Have a second switch with both routers LAN ports being connected to this.
  • Have a virtual IP for both routers on the LAN side.
Is the above the correct way to achieve this? Or would the routers need to be directly connected via two uplinks to the DC routers?
  • If the above scenario does work, how should I go about protecting the switch from being exposed on the WAN side of the routers (firewall) - as there is a web / ssh management interface - any tips?
Lastly, can I assign the multiple IP allocations (on separate subnets) to my both routers, even though the routers are not directly connected to the DC routers, but passing through the WAN side switch? Thanks in advance for any assistance (and forgive my ignorance).

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