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How to tell which one is the source IP and MAC address of the data being received?

Last updated on January 4, 2019

        I have to work with an FPGA module already running a code written by someone else. I have no access to the FPGA code. 
Now the setup is something like this:-
  • FPGA is connected to the pc via ethernet cable.
  • PC is also connected to the internet via ethernet cable on a different interface card. (there are 2 NIC installed on the pc)
As soon as the FPGA module is turned ON, it establishes the connection with the pc and starts sending the readings/data as UDP datagrams. I am interested in the data. So, to understand the frame structure of the UDP packets, I ran Wireshark. The output of all the received packets on that specific ethernet card is shown below. enter image description here hfmajestrix.local is my pc and it has a static IP. Can someone explain me whats happening after that ARP request from my pc in the fourth packet? PC sends an ARP request to know which node has IP Where is the ARP response? Also, Where does IP come from when there is NO router attached to the pc and when pc is asking for IP Details of ARP packet :- enter image description here Details fo IGMP membership report :- enter image description here

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