How to use sFlow-RT with RYU (SDN Controller) for detecting flows in a Mininet Topology?

I am new to Software Defined Networking and can't really get a full grasp of it. I want to detect the flows in a Mininet Topology created in linux environment using sFlow-RT and RYU Controller.

I am using sFlow-Trend, the GUI version of the software for detecting the flows.

I approached this by creating 3 terminal windows: First Terminal: I created the mininet topology. Second Terminal: I ran the RYU Controller. Third Terminal: I started the sFlow-RT on logical port 8008.

Any help in this will be appreciated, considering the limitations of any tutorials.

Commands used in linux:

For Running the s-Flow,

$ cd sflow-rt 
$ ./

For Creating Mininet,

$ cd sflow-rt
$ sudo mn --custom extras/ --link tc,bw=10 --topo tree,depth=2,fanout=2

For Starting the RYU Controller,

$ cd /home/ubuntu/ryu && ./bin/ryu-manager --verbose ryu/app/

For Accessing the s-Flow Trend GUI, type in the browser address-bar:


This link below provides the mininet commands with sFlow-RT detection of elephant flows but provides no approach to run a SDN Controller (RYU) along-with it.

Mininet Flow Analytics

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