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I have a Japanese name, but they always romanize it.

Hello beloved people of reddit. I am here because I'm not sure where I should post this. I feel like it's a culture things, but if I should post this elsewhere, please let me know.

I am a third-culture kid. Mixed race with Japanese nationality. I am used to feeling a subtle mix of emotions when it comes to my culture and heritage, but nothing that triggers me. (i.e. "wow, you really are Japanese" "your English is so good" "aren't you too dark to be Japanese?" "you're too tall to be Filipino" "why can't you speak Tagalog well"). But the one thing that I feel strongly about is my name. I have a very Japanese name, and I love it. I grew up not identifying to a nickname. (my family and friends have nicknames for me, but any time I introduce myself, I say my actual name.)

So when I lived outside Japan, I totally understand that my name is written in the English alphabet. No one can ever read my name in Kanji, unless they're Japanese or studied Japanese. But now that I am back in Japan, I feel sad that my name is not written in Kanji. My company ID, passes, contracts, documents with my name on it. It's either written in the English alphabet or in Katakana. I never asked about why, but I assumed that, because I teach English, they wanna be uniform on all names of the English teachers.

Until today. I was assigned to proctor an English exam, and while in the waiting room, I looked at the list of proctors. Our names were listed in Kanji (for the Japanese proctors) or in alphabets (for the foreign proctors) and then the katakana reading of the names underneath it. I came across a name in Kanji, but the katakana under it was very American. I looked around, and saw that it was a white girl. In a not so formal attire (when the company said we should be in formal attire), pigtails, with multiple ear piercings. I'm not judging her (I think she looked bad ass), but I began to think, why can't I have my name written in Kanji then?

I'm here because I want to validate my feeling. I can kind of already see some comments saying "it's just a name", and I totally understand. I can also probably ask my company to write my name in Japanese, but the Japanese in me doesn't want to cause trouble for anyone who has to update the system and documents for my name. Like is it okay to feel what I feel, or am I being a snowflake?

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