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‘I knew this was different’: Nick Drake’s producer on misunderstood classic Pink Moon

In the dead of night 50 years ago, two men came together to make a pared-back masterpiece that is still beguiling fans to this day. John Wood remembers the singer’s intense, astonishing reinvention It is 50 years since Nick Drake made Pink Moon, his third and final studio album, yet his gossamer melodies still beguile us. They are as mysterious as their creator, who almost never performed live and rarely agreed to be interviewed. Songs from the album such as Know and Harvest Breed are fragile haikus, as luminous and elusive as the day they were first played. Keen to know more about the album, I contact John Wood, its sound engineer and producer. “I probably have a reputation for not giving many interviews about Nick, and in particular Pink Moon,” he says via email. “The overriding reason is that there’s not much to say about two evenings in the studio making an album that only lasts 20 minutes or so.” Continue reading...

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