I tell the Queer Eye guys everything: from politics to dresses, they have the answers

I believe these men can fix me, and that is not something I’ve thought about anyone from reality TV, ever Summer of sport this may well be – World Cup to the left of you, Wimbledon to the right – but I’ll be honest, I hadn’t really noticed. And I’ll be even more honest, the day England played Panama and 99.9% or whatever of the British public was watching the game, I was the 0.1% who was not – the defiant resister, the rebel without much of a cause. And it’s not because I was busy carpe-ing the freak out of the diem, skipping through the streets like a woman advertising panty liners in the 1990s. No, I was up in my bedroom watching the new series of Queer Eye. Articles about the joyousness of Netflix’s reboot, in which five gay men with different specialisms give a life and style makeover to someone in dire need, are so numerous they have become a journalistic genre unto themselves. When the first series came out earlier this year, I myself made lofty claims about how the show is “what our era needs”. I probably even suggested it was the anti-Trump show, knowing me. But as I sit in my darkened room, curtains closed against the sun, bent over my iPad, waiting for another hit – just one! – of Tan convincing some pot-bellied American dad to swap his baggy sweatshirt for a fitted polo in a colour “that pops”, I’ve had to accept that my obsession has nothing to do with the world and everything to do with me. Continue reading...

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