Interview: Andre 3000 of OutKast

Andre 3000 is one half of the most exciting hip-hop act around: OutKast. Or was. Now he only talks about the act in the past tense. Have the duo split up? By Alexis PetridisAs he sits, cradling a large bottle of mineral water in the restaurant of a London hotel, Andre Benjamin is difficult to miss. In fact, he's visible from the lobby. This is largely due to his hair, a sort of deconstructed afro that bears a passing resemblance to the coiffure of the Simpsons character Sideshow Bob. It adds a good 12 inches not just to his height, but also to his width. Waiters are forced to manoeuvre around it. Benjamin cuts a rather curious figure in the restaurant, but then again, you suspect that he cuts a rather curious figure wherever he goes. While his partner in Atlanta-based duo OutKast, Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, is the epitome of the southern-American rap star - a portly, blunt-smoking playa famed for having a lapdancer's pole in his home and an aquarium full of sharks in his garage - Andre 3000 may be the most anomalous star in hip-hop's long history. Continue reading...

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